Guljak Franchise


The Conditions of Success
Everyone dreams of starting a successful business.
However, there are conditions that must be followed in order to start a successful business.
Guljak Topokki & Chicken has completed three prerequisites
for a successful startup with analyzing both successes and failures over 4 years

Choosing and developing the right Item might be essential for all successful startups.

Therefore, Guljak Topokki & Chicken does not pursue a sparkly item that only follows momentary trend but rather a sustainable one that can last for a long time.

The item that no one can match in this field: the first Korean restaurant to add chicken to topokki, Collaboration between two most popular Korean snacks: Topokki and chicken!

Moreover, the great advantage of popular items is the ability to remain unmoved by trends and the external environment. And that’s where Guljak is going.

  • 2.4.8 Location Selection

    Minimum of 20,000 household districts
    More than 4 meters of the width of a store.
    Minimum of 26.5 square meter for store area

  • Minimum of 20,000 household districts
    The strongly guaranteed system
    for the next 10 years! !

    Due to the change in the composition of households in Korea, it is difficult to maintain steady sales through the 5,000 household districts (average market guarantee standards for delivery franchise, vary depends on brands).
    Guljak Topokki & Chicken analyzes the number of household districts in the neighborhood before signing the franchise and guarantees a minimum of 20,000 units per store.

  • 4 m or more the width of a store

    It is better to continuously appeal sanitary and clean image of the store to the local residential customers (such approach is best for districts with large residential populations rather than floating populations).
    To do so, Guljak Topokki & Chicken recommends a store with a four meter or larger width of stores.

  • Minimum of 26.5 square meter for store area

    The most important thing in a restaurant is an efficient and systematic kitchen system.
    To reliably prepare and sell the menu of Guljak Topokki & Chicken, we recommend a store with at least area of 26.5 square meter for stores.

One of the most important elements of success in starting a business is the store owner who actually get to run a store. It may be a little complicate, but we value the passion and willingness to grow together the most.

Great TopokkI & Chicken Store Resolutions

  • I agree with the corporate culture which puts importance on the people.
  • I am ready to faithfully manage my business for a long time with perseverance
  • I will join WITHINFOOD food ethics code and stick with it.
  • I agree with the growth potential of Guljak Topokki & Chicken.
  • I will consider and value each customer with dedication.
  • I am prepared to participate in the education of headquarters faithfully.
  • I will follow the recipe and participate in marketing of headquarters.
  • I agree upon securing human resources before sales.
  • I'm ready to take my own action in the store, rather than standing back in the store.
  • When starting a business, the ratio of equity capital is higher than that of loans.


Training System

< 3.3.3 Training Before Open >
3.3.3 Open education of the headquarters for success in each store

< The Curriculum for the Theoretical Training >

Experts from each department from the headquarters provide a three day systematic training session.

  • 01

    Understanding of franchise

  • 02

    The Operating System of Guljak Topokki & Chicken

  • 03

    Understanding of menu of Guljak Topokki & Chicken

  • 04

    Services to enhance customer satisfaction

  • 05

    Resolution to achieve a successful store

  • 06

    Logistics management: A through Z

  • 07

    The Importance of Sanitary Hygienic

  • 08

    Cooking training

  • 09

    Promoting Education of achieving annual sales of $100,000

  • 10

    Basic Training of Accounting and Labor

  • 11

    How to Use POS

  • 12

    Try out and Final Assessment

< The Curriculum for the experience training >

Experience is much more important than theory: the process of applying theoretical training to practice is critical for the stable operation of the store in its early stages.

By experiencing three days of telephone order, app order management, customer handling, actual cooking, packaging method, and treating delivery agent at our direct store, storekeepers can reduce the number of mistakes to a minimum when they are put into onsite.

< Final inspection and initial logistics of hall and kitchen >

Starting with the final simulation test, three days of open field training will be conducted.

< Yearly Regular Training >

Once a year, a nationwide merchant group meets to have regular training.

  • Share market changes in trends
  • Tax & Labor Consulting according to the law revision
  • Inform effective promotion methods and know-hows
  • Time for sharing information among storekeepers
  • Tryout new menu etc.

※ We are always welcome storekeepers to speak up their opinions so that we can share our stories regarding both business and non-business issues

Differentiated management support based
on store characteristics

The efficiency will be reduced if all stores nationwide are managed in a same manner.
The characteristics of each business district, the size of the store, the distribution of the customers, and the response of promotion will vary. Guljak Topokki & Chicken has constructed differentiated management system considering characteristics of each store. In addition, to support the successful startups of the storekeepers, the company provide various support systems

  • < The Selection of Best Stores >

    Q1 2018 Best Stores

    Q4 2017 Best Stores

    We select some exemplary stores according to reasonably high sales and prominent management and support continuous growth.

    Best stores are selected based on the followings:

    1. Store sales
    2. Customer management (app management)
    3. Customer Complaint Status
    4. Store Hygienic Condition

    * when selected, direct support from Headquarters and rewards

  • < The Selection of Jump-up Stores >

    Q1 2018 Jump-up Stores

    Q3 2017 Jump-up Stores

    We rank stores not only by sales alone but also good demonstration of store operation in quarterly basis

    1. Unique promotion method
    2. Sales and Store Stabilization
    3. Customer Comments
    4. Store Hygienic Condition

    *when selected, direct support from Headquarters and rewards

Large Scale Marketing

The food industry is getting divided into franchise and chef type markets. In the brand franchise brand market, it takes large scale marketing to Increase customer awareness.

  • Broadcast PPL(Product Placement)

    Guljak Topokki & Chicken is continuously promoting its brand through public TV and cable TV programs such as drama PPL (A Poem A Day, The Undateable), and entertainment PPL (Maybe tasty, Romand?, etc.).

  • Social Media marketing

    We conduct various events every month through our brand official Facebook, Instagram, and blog. In addition, in partnership with lots of influencers, we are getting close and friendly to customers.

  • Partnership with The People of Delivery, Yogiyo, Kakao Talk, and Naver

    Guljak Topokki & Chicken is affiliated with THE PEOPLE OF DELIVERY, a representative delivery app that has more than 50% market capacity in the delivery order market, YOGIYO, KAKAO TALK, and NAVER and manage such business partnerships systematically to improve sales.

  • A Food Truck

    We often run food trucks from our headquarters to promote offline. Food trucks support opening events of the stores. They also operate during customer events and social activities to promote the brand.

  • Guljak interior

    Interior Design

    Guljak Topokki & Chicken provides flexibility in choosing the type of restaurant between a hall + delivery joint store and a specialized-in-delivery store depending on the location of the store, business district, and start-up fund.

    Hall + Delivery

    • Office area
    • A large floating population
    • Private academy area
    • In front of middle or high school (we don’t do in front of elementary schools)
      Cafe type interior light (see current homepage content)
  • Guljak interior

    Interior Design

    Guljak Topokki & Chicken provides flexibility in choosing the type of restaurant between a hall + delivery joint store and a specialized-in-delivery store depending on the location of the store, business district, and start-up fund.

    Delivery Only

    • Compact regional district
    • Small stores ranging from 26.5 to 33 square meter
    • Delivery / packing type only